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Our official website is temporarily down due to some technical problem with our service provider. We are currently rebuiding it. Please bear with us .

Mean while Please find the following FAQ.

FAQ . 

Who are you ? 
     We are a small group of individuals dedicated in pursuing and learning the traditional arts of Aikido
as desiminated by it's creator Morehei Ueshiba though the teaching of his longest time student, Morihiro Saito. 
We are affiliated with the AIKIKAI Foundation (Aikido headquarters) in Tokyo, Japan through the Takemusu Aikido Association.
Our "yudansha" ranks are registered through the Aikikai and thus are recognized internationally.

Where are you located ?
      We currenlty share the facilities of Columbia Jujitsu  at 9691 Gerwig Lane Suite L
Columbia MD 21046.

Please note that Columbia Jujitsu and our group are two different organization and are independent from each.
When you come in for a visit , you have to specifically ask for the "Aikido group" .

When can we find you in your location ?
    Our current summer practice schedules are as follows..

     Adult     Classes Tuesday   7:00PM    
     Adult     Classes Thursday  7:00PM
     Children  Classes Sunday    5:30PM

How do we contact  you ?
    The best way is to send an email to Sensei at .